How Should I Mail My Orders?

How Should I Mail My Orders?

You can ship your orders using whatever shipping provider and service you choose, provided you have tracking information or a receipt of your shipment including the date shipped and the address shipped to.

For sellers shipping from the United States, we strongly recommend using PirateShip, which is completely free to use, and is linked on our website in the order details for your convenience. If you are using this method, you just need to purchase and print the label and drop it off via USPS or UPS, depending on which method you chose.
Using the PirateShip website, you will have access to discounted commercial prices which are lower than if you were to just go in person to the post office or UPS for shipping.

Orders shipped without a verifiable tracking number may be subject to up to 60 days of payment delay, until receipt of orders from buyers can be confirmed.
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