Sellers Quick Start Guide

Sellers Quick Start Guide


Be sure you are in the Seller Panel, you can navigate back and forth between the seller panel and the live site in the bottom bar.

Select 'Products' from the top left main menu and then choose whether you want to create an auction or a regular item for sale.

Be sure to enter the starting price, reserve price, start and end dates, and if you want to show the reserve price on the item page. Be sure to select the Create button on the top right to save it. Once created, you can then optionally add shipping properties if the item will cost different to ship than your standard shipping.

Be sure to enter the product information and details. If you have more than one of the same item, you can add it to the in stock inventory at the bottom. Be sure to select the Create button on the top right to save it. Once created, you can then optionally add shipping properties if the item will cost different to ship than your standard shipping.

You can view all the items that you have added to your profile by looking at the main products tab. You can quickly change the price, status, and quantity of your items here, or if you select the title of an item to go in and add/change more details of that item.

Note: Auctions will show as 0.00 for price here since they are not regular products with a fixed price.
Status: Active means the item is available and showing on the site, Disabled means the item is not showing on the site, Hidden means the item is not showing on the site but is available to anyone who has the direct link for the item.

On your main Orders page, you will see a list of all your orders that have been paid and are ready to ship, as well as your past orders. If a user has not paid yet, it will not be shown yet. Select the order item to get full details of a Ready to Ship order.
If you are on a mobile device, select the "Sidebar" to see the user's shipping address details.

If you are in the US and have a printer, we highly recommend using PirateShip to create a shipping label, simply copy and paste the buyer's address from the order details in to PirateShip and choose a USPS or UPS service. Be sure to drop off the package to your chosen carrier.
Enter the tracking number for the order, and then select "Save Changes" button at the top to save your tracking information. Once you do this, delivery tracking status will appear on the bottom of the order page for most orders.

On the accounting page, you will see the history of your transactions and your net amount for each paid order, and current balance. Unlike the previous site, there is no set payout schedule, you can request a payout at any time for orders that you have shipped.
The first withdrawal per month is free, after that it is $1 per subsequent withdrawal in a month is subtracted for processing. To make a request, simply select the "plus" + sign button at the top of the accounting page, and choose a payment amount up to your balance.
Please note orders must show that packages are in the shipping system to be approved (tracking cannot show status of "awaiting item" or similar). Allow a few business days for approval.

There are 7 shipping rate areas, and by default their shipping rates are:
USA: $12
Mexico: $20
Canada: $20
Europe: $35
Asia: $35
Australia/New Zealand: $35
Everywhere Else: $40

You can set up your own advanced shipping rates, but it can be slightly complicated to initially set up, please contact us if you wish to change your default rates to be sure they are calculated correctly. For international orders from the US, we recommend using PirateShip Simple Export Rate, as you can ship most items anywhere for under $30.
If you just have certain items that are larger or heavier than your standard items that you need to charge more shipping for, the best way to do that is adding in additional shipping on the individual product. When creating a new product, select Shipping properties on the product, and input an amount in the Additional shipping field and then Save. For example, if you are using the default shipping rates and you enter $5 in the additional shipping for a product, a US buyer would be charged $17 for that item. ($12 default plus $5 additional).

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